Get Trail-Savvy with The Great Trail App

Your next outing on The Great Trail will be easier and more rewarding than ever, thanks to Trans Canada Trail’s new app released today. Developed in partnership with Canadian enterprise geographic information system solutions provider Esri Canada, the new app is a handy tool for people planning outings and exploring The Trail. It’s designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and available for download in Apple iTune’s App Store.

In addition to its enhanced trip-planning and navigation capabilities The Great Trail app features:

  • An Activity Tracker
  • Tools to measure distance and elevation of a planned route
  • An interactive map that shows points of interest, including trailheads and rest areas
  • User photos of The Great Trail
  • The ability to share journey experiences on social networks

Purpose-Built for your Great Trail trip

While other hiking apps and trip planners work well, The Great Trail app pinpoints a user’s proximity to the nearest section of The Great Trail, and identifies points of interest along the way including places to park and dine. The Great Trail app also shows users how to make their way from section to section, making connections between The Great Trail’s various interconnected trails seamless, including remote sections, some of which haven’t yet been added to other hiking apps or Google Maps.

“The Trail runs through thousands of communities, and when you get to the end of each municipal trail the signage is changes. The app provides a handy way to navigate to the next section,” said Danielle St-Aubin, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, and Trans Canada Trail.

The Great Trail app will include photos taken along each route by other Trail users, and enable users to commemorate their journey and share their activity on social media.

“I used to run a few different apps to track my hikes, but with The Great Trail app it's all in one. It shows me my progress, distance, time and elevation. It's awesome!" - Mira Budd, avid Ontario hiker

Getting under The Great Trail app’s hood

Esri Canada is a leading supplier of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a supporter of Trans Canada Trail. This support includes Esri’s development of an interactive map for the Trans Canada Trail website and a GIS technology that allows app users to understand exactly where they are, track activity, see points of interest and more. It also enables The Great Trail app to collate and use a large amount of geographical information interactively, including integration with Google Places. Google Places integration allows trail users to see restaurants, gas stations, and other points of interest nearby.

“The Great Trail is a large trail without a lot of information available on it, and a Canada-wide dataset was unattainable. Esri’s technology allowed us to build additional tools on top of the map, including an activity tracker and tools which measure distance and elevation,” added Lea Hardcastle, Information Technology Manager at Trans Canada Trail.

The Great Trail app’s geolocation tools and elevation mapping systems give users a sense of a trail’s length and difficulty, as well as other useful information to help them plan an excursion. The app also enables users to place pins between map points to see point-to-point elevation gains/losses, and determine exactly where they are on the Trail, features that enhance safety on the Trail.

"I like how it shows elevation, allows you to track time, and can actually track the route. Having a blue dot to show me where I am in
relation to the trail is invaluable."

- Dianne Whelan, 500 Days in the Wild

Coming soon to The Great Trail app

Look for exciting new developments with the app in early 2017, including availability for Android, directions to your nearest Trail section, and offline access to maps.

Download it now for iOS