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President and Chief Executive Officer

Our commitment to sustainability is broad and we believe deeply in the symbiotic relationship between the success of our business and the well-being of our communities. A hallmark of our company’s culture is our team’s unparalleled commitment to giving back to our local communities, particularly in the areas of health, education and the environment. Our innovative community board approach to charitable giving places funding decisions in the hands of local leaders, and our 11 TELUS Community Boards, located from Victoria to Halifax, are working together to support the Trans Canada Trail. This investment is reflective of our team’s commitment to health and well-being, making sustainable choices and creating a friendlier future for this generation, and generations yet to come. 



Founded by renowned Canadian entrepreneur Ronald V. Joyce, The Joyce Foundation works to support the social, economic and emotional well-being of children and youth, particularly those with significant financial need or facing other socio-economic barriers to success.

The Board of Trustees – including Ron Joyce, Grant Joyce, Steven Joyce, Hon. Ed Lumley, Rob MacIsaac, Aileen O’Rafferty and Michele Thornley – all share the enthusiasm and vision for a Great Trail linking Canadians from coast to coast to coast. 

Through its philanthropic work, The Joyce Foundation seeks to open doors for youth. In the case of the Trans Canada Trail, all doors are wide open.