7 Inspiring Instagrammers to Follow On The Great Trail

1.     Marco Buch


Last August, Germany-based travel writer Marco Buch travelled to Canada to join in The Great Trail’s historic connection. In addition to visiting Ottawa, Buch travelled to the Yukon where he chronicled some his most memorable Trail experiences. Among those timeless moments, he rode a horse for the first time and pondered the notion of returning one day to take a one- or two-week guided excursion into the wild, calling the idea “very tempting.” Buch adds, “Kayaking on the Yukon River was amazing.”

An avid Instagrammer, Buch says, “If you go to more unusual places, people are more interested. These days there are so many bloggers and many of them go to the same places. The Yukon is something people don’t get to see every day. The Yukon is the wildest place in wild Canada.”

Beyond the Yukon wilderness, Buch was also captivated by the people he met there; “they were all very happy about everything.”

For up-and-coming Instagrammers, Buch offers some sage advice: “Instagram Stories have been working really well for me; I try to produce at least one a day. At least 10 per cent of my audience engages with each story.” He also tries to keep himself out of his images and lets the scenery of the beautiful places he visits speak for itself. 

2. Mel Vogel


Mel Vogel recently posted updates from Lake Waterloo, Ontario – just one stop along her solo cross-country hike of over 15,000 kilometres on The Great Trail. Vogel’s feed is filled with stunning photos of the Trail and the people she meets along the way. You can also follow Mel’s epic Trail journey on her website

3. Caro Ryan


Australian Caro Ryan calls herself the “Unexpected Outdoors Chick” and serves up hiking and camping trips all over the world on her Instafeed. In 2017, she cultivated “two fabulous weeks of memories” on The Great Trail. 

4. Think Outside


Ben Adams is the proprietor of Think Outside, a one-person digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, where he has easy access to The Trail. His Instagram feed chronicles his travels and shows off his acumen for creating beautiful scenic photos. 

5. We Travel the World


This pair of German travel bloggers visited Manitoba and Ottawa for the connection of The Great Trail in August 2017. 

6. Backpacker Steve


Last summer, Steve Hanisch chronicled his adventures through Gatineau Park and the Laurentians in Quebec on The Great Trail. 

7. Katrin Lehr


In 2017, German Instagrammer Katrin Lehr captured stunning scenic shots of British Columbia’s leg of The Great Trail on her trail journey. 

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