The Gift of The Great Trail: Ways to Give to The Great Trail and Enjoy It This Holiday Season

The Great Trail is celebrating a milestone year thanks to the continued support of Canadians everywhere. 2017 saw a cross-Canada effort to connect The Great Trail, a day of national celebration and festivities, and the building of a commemorative pavilion to mark this wondrous achievement. All this is thanks to you.

Photo by Cynthia Münster

Photo by Cynthia Münster

Pay tribute to those you love

A commemorative pavilion was constructed on the National Capital Pathway in Ottawa in time for the cross-Canada celebrations on August 26. The pavilion was built to recognize the efforts of Canadians who helped to make the Trail a reality. In the first phase of this historic project, the names of Canadians who made significant donations towards the Trail’s final connections were added to the pavilion throughout the summer of 2017, just in time for the connection celebrations across the country.

This holiday season, The Great Trail is offering a last chance for Canadians to have their name – or the name of a loved one – included on this special pavilion. With every donation of $1,000 or more received before December 31, 2017, your name – or a name of your choosing – will be commemorated on The Great Trail’s celebratory pavilion located just minutes from Parliament Hill. This holiday season, give your loved ones a meaningful gift by including their name on TCT’s special celebratory pavilion in Ottawa.


Holidays on The Great Trail

The holiday season means taking advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family –  and you can use that time to bond on the Trail.

Many sections of the Trail are suited to snowshoeing, an affordable and fun way to bring the whole family together, while taking in the sights and sounds of the Trail. Some of the recommended snowshoeing Trail sections include Calgary’s Kananaskis Country Trail and Le P’tit Train du Nord in Quebec.

Another highly recommended activity for families on the Trail is cross-country skiing. While it is more physically intense and requires more equipment and preparation than snowshoeing, the health boosts that cross-country skiing provides are worth the investment. Grab your skis and poles this winter and explore the Trail at your own leisure with your loved ones. Recommended spots on the Trail for cross-country skiing include the Celtic Shores Coast Trail in Nova Scotia and the Cowichan Valley Trail in BC.

The gift that keeps giving

This holiday season, you can make a difference to the environment and Canada by making a donation to The Great Trail on behalf of yourself, or a special someone, for any amount you choose. Your support has ensured the connection of 15,000 Canadian communities over more than 24,000 kilometres.

Your continued support will help us to improve The Great Trail so that all Canadians have access to our national Trail, connecting them to the natural beauty, rich history and the enduring spirit of our land and its peoples.  

With your generous contributions, The Great Trail connects Canadian communities on a physical and an emotional level. This holiday season, give an unforgettable gift by honouring your loved ones with a listing on The Great Trail’s commemorative pavilion. Alternatively, donate any amount you like in someone’s name as a holiday gift.

Get out there and enjoy the Trail, and help us improve and enhance the Trail for generations to come.