Six notable Canadians offer their thoughts on the TCT

“As a proud Canadian who has crossed our vast country so many times, I am delighted to be a part of the Trans Canada Trail. Seeing Canada from space is a rare and marvellous perspective, especially when it’s also possible to experience it on foot, close-up and shared with everyone.”
Colonel Chris Hadfield,
Astronaut and Professor

“I’m delighted to support the Trans Canada Trail as it continues to grow. It is a wonderful legacy, and will play a role in getting Canadians, especially youngsters, to become more active. Let’s all get moving on the Trail.”
The Honourable Nancy Greene Raine,
Senator and Olympic Ski Champion

“The Trans Canada Trail is not just a wilderness trail. It’s an urban trail. I use it to bomb around town on my bike, to commute to work. I like that young people all over Canada can ride, walk, run on the TCT – it’s the best.”
George Stroumboulopoulos,
TV and Radio Host and Producer

“My father would have been ‘tickled pink’ with this Trail. His every free moment, and there were few, was spent doing outdoor activities with us six kids. I applaud the efforts of all involved in this amazing project ... yet another reason to be a proud Canadian.”
Anne Murray,
Singer and Author

“Great music has the ability to unite us in such a powerful way. I love that the Trans Canada Trail is another great way to unite Canadians, and connect our great country from coast to coast to coast.”
David Foster,
Canadian Musician, Record Producer, Composer and Chairman, David Foster Foundation

“I grew up in the natural beauty that is Vancouver Island, BC. My childhood was spent playing in forests, swimming in an unpolluted ocean with nearby freshwater lakes, and hiking through endless terrains of majestic landscapes and nature trails. These memories I shall always cherish.”
Kim Cattrall,
Actress and Executive Producer