Trail and tradition

A message from the co-chair of the TCT Foundation, Hartley T. Richardson 

The Trans Canada Trail has the ability to instil pride in our country, connect Canadians across the land and nurture a sense of our shared national journey. All of these ideals deeply resonate with me, and with my family’s company.

James Richardson & Sons, Limited was founded in 1857. When I look back at our more than 150-year history, I’m humbled to realize that the family business has been there since the beginning of Canada itself. We were there for the opening up of Western Canada. We helped establish grain farming in the Prairies, and we supported the pioneers moving west – ahead of the nation’s first transcontinental railway, in many cases.

Today, our organization has the great privilege of being active in every part of Canada. Because of this, we think it only fitting to support the Trans Canada Trail.

Our active and retired personnel in many parts of the country can enjoy walking, riding or paddling on the Trans Canada

Trail, and more locations are being connected all the time. When it is complete, the Trail will stretch nearly 24,000 kilometres and link almost 1,000 communities.

The Trans Canada Trail initiative also dovetails with two cornerstones of our Foundation: the environment and youth. It’s environmental in the sense that it secures land from development and protects it as part of the Trail. It engages youth by creating areas for healthy outdoor play.

And it also allows Canadians to create a legacy for future generations.

This is why, in 2011, the Richardson Foundation made a $1-million commitment to the Trans Canada Trail. We were proud to be a lead gift to start the TCT’s Chapter 150 Campaign, devoted to connecting the whole Trail by 2017.

Part of our financial commitment to the Trail is a program to match donations dollar for dollar – this is our way of encouraging every Canadian to participate in this iconic national project. With your help, we can fully connect the Trail by July 1, 2017 – in time for the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

One hundred and fifty years from now, I hope that our descendants will look back on the generation that connected the Trail with some of the same esteem we hold for our forefathers who established the country itself 150 years ago.

Let’s make the grand vision of a connected Trans Canada Trail a reality. Together. 

“Let's make the grand vision of a connected Trans Canada Trail a reality. Together.”
Hartley T. Richardson


Chapter 150 Campaign Cabinet

The Chapter 150 Campaign Cabinet is a circle of devoted volunteers helping the TCT to garner support from Canada’s iconic companies and families, and all our modern-day nation-builders, to achieve connection by 2017.

  • Laureen Harper (Honorary Campaign Chair)
  • Valerie Pringle (Co-Chair)
  • Hartley T. Richardson (Co-Chair)
  • Wendy Adams, LLB, MBA
  • David Aisenstat, President & CEO, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
  • Ross J. Beaty, Chairman, Pan American Silver Corp. and Alterra Power Corp.
  • Jack Cockwell, Group Chairman, Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
  • David Cottingham, Founder, Ventoux Investments
  • Bruce Croxon, Managing Partner, Round 13 Capital
  • Russ Girling, President & CEO, TransCanada Corporation
  • Anthony R. Graham, LLD, President, Wittington Investments Ltd.
  • David M. Hoffman, FCA, Co-CEO, Bragg Group of Companies (Chair, Atlantic Region)
  • Kenneth Killin, BBM, CPA, CA, Killin Instinct Advisors
  • Paul C. LaBarge, JD, LLM, Managing Partner, LaBarge Weinstein LLP
  • Pierre Lassonde, CM, OQ, Chairman, Franco-Nevada Corp.
  • Don Lindsay, President & CEO, Teck
  • Claude Mongeau, President & CEO, CN
  • Gordon M. Nixon, President & CEO, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Gail O’Brien, Co-Chair, Council for Canadian American Relations
  • Ian Pearce, Partner, X2 Resources
  • Douglas B. Richardson, OC, McKercher LLP (Co-Chair, Saskatchewan)
  • Sandy Riley, President & CEO, Richardson Financial Group Ltd.
  • John Risley, President, Clearwater Fine Foods Inc.
  • Michael Shaw, President, AMKCO
  • Bruce Simpson, Director, McKinsey & Company
  • Galen G. Weston, Executive Director, Loblaw Companies Ltd.
  • Vaughn Wyant, President & CEO, Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group (Co-Chair, Saskatchewan)